Hello, World! And the Wes Anderson World of Ads

*H&M Ad directed by Wes Anderson, featuring Adrien Brody

I’m not a huge fan of this time of the year, but since it’s the festivities period, I thought I’d start by wishing everyone Happy Holidays and sharing Wes Anderson’s Christmas ad for H&M.

Anderson is no stranger to the world of commercials, but this is certainly one of his best ones – bringing back memories from The Darjeeling Limited and my favourite concierge, Monsieur Gustave (character from The Grand Budapest Hotel), Come Together has a very simple message – it doesn’t take a lot to brighten someone’s day and the idea of being merry no matter who you’re surrounded by. Not as complex or quirky as your usual Wes Anderson movie, but it partially fulfils the need to watch new Anderson work.

Here are some other Anderson shorts made for the advertising world.

There was IKEA‘s Living Room in 2002;

American ExpressMy Life. My Card. in 2006;

the three 30-second ads for AT&T in 2007 – Reporter, Salesman and Actor;

SoftBank‘s in 2008;

Sony Spheria‘s Made of Imagination

Hyundai’s two-clip ads Talk to My Car and Modern Life in 2012.

The ones that don’t need a description to tell you who the author is though, are the above mentioned H&M’s Come Together, Stella Artois’ L’Apartomatic and Prada’s Castello Cavalcanti and Candy L’eau Series (three shorts; these and L’Apartomatic were co-written with Roman Coppola). Watch them below:

Stella Artois – L’Apartomatic, 2012

Prada – Castello Cavalcanti, 2013

Prada – Candy L’Eau Series, 2013